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BiFIX company - which has been engaged in the production of fruit, herbal teas as well as in the packaging of herbs and their drying process for more than 20 years – is dynamically developing and surprises with new products. Our products are associated primarily with high quality, rich palette of flavours and many health properties, which results in increasing satisfaction and appreciation of our consumers. Right now it's the moment in which we bring to market our fruit jams! Healthy, tasty and low-sugar! Produced from natural fruit ripening in full sun with the highest nutritional value from our own plantations. We do not use artificial preservatives, additives or colorants. Modern machinery and innovative technologies used in the production of jams meet all quality requirements. In our offer we have for you classic jams, jams for health, fruit products and marmalades. Rich fruit flavour closed in each jar will make you want more!

Healthy, tasty
and low-sugar!

Strawberry jam


Cherry jam


Peach jam


Blackcurrant jam


High blueberry jam

High blueberry

Raspberry jam


Chokeberry with acerola juice jam 100% fruit

Chokeberry with acerola juice

Blueberry jam 100% fruit


Multifruit marmalade with rose flavor

Marmalade with rose

Blackberry jam


Elderberry jam


Forest fruits jam

Forest fruits

Strawberry with orange peel jam

Strawberry with orange peel

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Bi fix product catalog

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